The VENOM Shoot Facebook DOESN’T Want You To See !!

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It’s been a whirlwind 72hours !!!  Ever since I released the Venom images onto the internet and more so Facebook, the journey has been some what dramatic!

The Photo Shoot:

Put together by Carlos Blanchard, he had the vision of doing a Liquid Latex Venom shoot.  The model chosen was the fierce Freddie Nova.  Shot at the awesome photo studio image 1st in Miami, we set about telling a story of this Symbiote from first contact to release.

The story was told, the images collated, processed and released upon the world on Tuesday Morning.  Within 24 hours the images had been viewed over 15,000 times with shares topping 5000.  A lot of this was thanks to Stan Winston in sharing what has deemed to be the iconic piece of the set.  Ironically this was also the 1st one to be banned:  Questions as to why ?  See below:


I made sure there was no obvious nipple (oops am I allowed to say that ?!), and the only thing on show is some side boob. OMG for the love of all things bright and beautiful, not a side boob !!!

OK so I have my first strike, fair enough.  I let the people know on my SuperHero Photography page, and all hell breaks loose!!!  Accusations, comparing other shoots, people messaging others insinuating etc yada blah and whatever. I sit back and wonder OoOoO ok first strike, but they have kind of done me a favour as now the images are being circulated further a field.  Score.

The Superhero Page gains around 3000 new fans in less than 48hours (still rising) and yes NOT one and I really mean that (or that I could find) slagged off the shoot, said it was shit or anything similar.  EVERYONE appreciated the ART (not porn!)

This afternoon – STRIKE TWO ! & LockDown !  So another one of my images gets flagged and I now get locked out of posting etc for 24 hours.  The culprit? See below:


Again no nipples (said it again!) on show!  She is literally wearing an outfit !

Now you compare these two images to some of that trash you see on Facebook that stays on there for months and years !!!  I’m sure 100% of you would agree, these images ARE NOT VIOLATING anything !!!

So it comes down to this, why has it happened?  My thoughts..

1.  I’ve pissed someone off and they want to get me back ?  3 out of 10

2. The powers that be don’t want any conflicts with any potential Venom movie coming out? 5 out of  10

3. There are some rather jealous people out there ? 7 out of 10

4. It’s down to some complete fuck wits who have nothing better to do than attend the school of C*NTS !

Or it could be something else ….. something I will most probably never find out for sure.

Where are we now?  The images have gone EVEN FURTHER , being reviewed on: (click on the links)



and more !!!

HOWEVER due to the fact I now could be deleted I have had to make the decision of pulling the Venom images off of Facebook.  Until I can get in contact with them to discuss as to why then unfortunately they will not be on the SuperHero Photography page.  Though I feel that doesn’t matter now as they are everywhere else WOOHOO !!!

You can also see the rest of the images here:


I want to thank you all for the comments, all the image shares and likes and the messages of support!  It means a lot to know you guys have my back.

Let’s hope Venom lives to fight another day !




10 Responses to “The VENOM Shoot Facebook DOESN’T Want You To See !!”

  1. Jonathan says:

    Facebook is a piece of shit. Fucking retards. How are those 2 pics offensive or obscene in anyway? Don’t worry man I LOVED IT. Because it was amazing and because I love anything Spider-Man related because I love Spidey.

  2. nosajmunson says:

    The Venom pics are stellar. Facebook is shallow and artless. And what makes it worse, there really are some prudes out there that get offended by side boob.They report you out of some sense of internet morality.
    Regardless, tell Facebook to suck your symbiote and keep up the good work.

  3. Quap says:

    Your work is great, keep up, and don’t let them get you down…

  4. Billy says:

    Go to Google plus.

  5. clay says:

    Seen more boob in the countless bathing suit photos of minors… What’s the deal here?

  6. i saw one of the she-venom photos on nerdbastards and thought it was cool because I’ve never seen it done like this before and there has to be more risque pictures than these on Facebook

  7. Fight the good fight, Adam. Those are gorgeous photos.

  8. Binch says:

    Report art but don’t report tons of viral videos on facebook…. Genius guys

  9. And please turn the other shot(s) into wallpapers.

  10. Fellow Photographer says:

    I have several friends who are bodypainting artists and they post pictures of their work all of the time on FB. How is this different?

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