About Adam Jay

I love SuperHeroes, I love the Villains, I love Photography & I love that I can combine the two and create an AWESOME reality.  We have all dreamed of having a Super Power, be it flying, invisibility, strength, telekinesis and so on.  It’s only now that I can fully plunge into this world of God Like Men & Women and bring them to life in my own creative way.

Though I have a love for them, I don’t know everything about the Supers that I am wanting to bring to life, and in short, there’s just too much to learn !  What I have found though is that in the SuperHero/Cosplay world people generally have one main character that they portray, and a few aliases.  With this they can teach me more about said main character and through that we can work as a team to create the wonders ahead.

For the last 3 years I have specialised in Pole Dance Photography (Pole Images) and have risen to be well respected in the industry throughout the world, and considered to be top of the game.  This is now my aim with this style of photography, to become the best and most creative.  I want people from around the globe to seek me out, wanting to work together to create something amazing and really push the boundaries.

As you look through my images on this website, Facebook and my postings on Twitter I hope that the creativeness I bring to the table speaks for itself.  I want you to seek me out, to work with me and become the best at what you do.

Until then I thank you for your support and look forward to meeting you soon




ps Life behind the camera gives me no time in front of it, though here is a salute to the Feral himself

Keep up to date with all the ongoings of SuperHero Photography & Adam Jay. From his latest projects to his Comic Con travels & photo shoots.

Carnage “The Release” Photo Shoot Part 1 of 3

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Photo Shoot at NYCC

This year I will have my own Booth at NYCC (New York Comic Con) with 18 scheduled slots for Photo Shoots. These slots are...

Venom BANNED image as a 18×24 Poster

I am doing a run of 50 Limited Edition 18×24 Banned Venom Images (as I write this I have 35 left)

This is the image:


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