The 2nd VENOM image that Facebook Banned !

Posted on August 2nd, by admin in SuperBlog. 18 comments

Well just 30mins ago I got my 2nd VENOM image ban from Facebook and now a 24hr Lockout.  One more violation and its a permanent ban.  The culprit ?  This one :



Seriously … I’m lost for words.

18 Responses to “The 2nd VENOM image that Facebook Banned !”

  1. Amber Love says:

    I’m so sorry you’re going through this too. It’s nonsense. I found a photo of a hot girl covered in paint that wasn’t banned but a naked pregnant woman with her belly painted was. There’s no course of action to argue “artistic license or integrity” either. Someone, you never get to find out who, reported the image so Facebook feels that’s good enough. They don’t care. They make a billion dollars a minute.

  2. Chris Arrowood says:

    This is totally wrong. Via a friend’s status updates, ive been made aware of another page that does nothing but post pics of women wearing bikinis in sometimes suggestive poses. I’ve also seen several other pagea thay post similar pics. As far as I know, nothing is being done, to prevent the owners of these pages from posting what they want. What you’re doing is completely different though. Its artistic expression. Its even freedom of speech. There’s nothing wrong with these Venom pics but someone is getting poesy about it and Facebook is ready to boot you for it. In protest, and if its alright with you, I’d like to repost the pics (with full credit of course) so people can continue to enjoy them.

  3. Keith Ahlstrom says:

    This is just crazy. Its a great shot and there is nothing wrong with it

  4. Nick Nafpliotis says:

    This is ridiculous. I guess I could kind of see how the first one could be an issue (with the side boob), but not only is the latest image an incredible work of art, but I’ve seen much worse on Facebook.

    And by the way, thanks for throwing the link to my site in your media section :)

  5. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that picture. WTH?

  6. Real shame that you get banned for this, but there is a whole page on Facebook called seXy GiRls that is nothing but half naked women. (went looking for the most ridiculous page I could find out there on Facebook…no, I am not a page fan…although I might have to be now that I found it.)

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  8. Fred says:

    why? Everything that needs to be covered is covered or not even visible. I’ve seen body paintings on Facebook that are more revealing..

  9. A superhero says:

    What a bunch of fuckin assholes facebook is

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  11. 5p1d3r says:

    Someone is flagging you for them to catch it. That sucks cause I’ve seen worse stuff stay on FB and your pics are awesome! Maybe Marvel or Sony is doing it cause it’s not that bad.

  12. Pete says:

    The Playboy site on Face(less-bully)Book has more raunch on it than yours has, and it’s still there for all the world to see.
    Not complaining mind you, just saying….

  13. Doctor Joe says:

    mate, i don’t get this coz people have posted naked pics of themselves and of other people on fbook and everythings fine. you post this pic, with no nudity at all and you get told that ur a bad boy and it gets banned……………C’MON!!!

  14. Ardy says:

    My guess would be their lawyers are worried about Marvel getting on them for copyright issues. By-the-way, great graphics, you should be glad they did it you are getting lots of free publicity now.

  15. Doug Hamilton says:

    Funny I post 3d work that is more graphic than this and have never had an issue. Some people have way too much time on their hands.
    Really like the pics, great job!!

  16. Annissë says:

    There is absoultely NOTHING wrong with this photo, the 1st one or any of them in your set. I am so sorry this happened to you. For this 2nd one to get banned so quickly after the 1st one did, I think you may have a jealous hatter on your hands.

    GOOD WORK both the photographer and model! so original such an awesome idea! ;D

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