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I’ve been thinking this for a while, I need a new logo to represent SuperHero Photography.  The images that I am doing and the projects I am working on are now being seen across the world so I need something EPIC.  Ideally I would like it to be text based but also have a small graphic that will, once seen, indicate to people that it is connected to my brand.

How To Enter

The best way to do this would be to email me your entry.  I will then place this in a “New Logo” album on Facebook for the fans of my work to “Like”.  The logo with the most likes will be the one used.  It will run for 7 days.

The chosen logo Creator is giving myself and SuperHero Photography full rights and copyright to use the logo in any circumstance.

The chosen Logo Creator will receive 2 x 24×36 Movie Posters of any TWO of my images.

Submit your entries to adam@superherophotography.co.uk

Good Luck !


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