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I had my first SuperHero Shoot in Miami this past saturday …. and it FREAKIN’ ROCKED !  Firstly I have to say a HUGE SUPER THANK YOU to Iam Logan, Max Power & Alexia Jean Grey for their commitment and believable roles for the shoot.

The shoot was held at the AWESOME Photo Studio in Miami, image 1st which is run by Mr Danger Fontaine himself, Danny Gabriel:

The amazing thing at image 1st is that the 2 HUGE Studios that it has, comes with multiple backdrops giving you an endless amount of creativity to play with.  Not only that, with a sweet underground carpark and a rooftop pool it really is a playground for a shoot such as this !

So, again, it was my first SuperHero/Cosplay gig and I was a little nervous, only because I wanted to NAIL it, straight off, no excuses and no second chances.  BUT as soon as I met Logan, Power & Alexia it was easy as 1,2 3.  This boy ‘n’ girls were PRO’s !  The outfits that they brought along were 1st class as were the replica props!

BIG UP for Iam Logan for the Props he MADE for me : Daken Claws, Harley Quinn Pop Gun & Harley Quinn Hammer

If anyone is interested in getting some Replica Props or Costumes made then hit up : OutlawProdux SniktShop

The overall feel from this shoot that I wanted to achieve was that of a movie poster or that of a still that could be taken from a film itself.  I wanted the characters to be believable and the images to marry that belief.

I wanted to start with “stock” images of the characters that could be used for the website and for any promotional material that they could be needed on.  I really wanted to achieve more of a dark nature and a gritty vibe,a style that I want to concentrate on.

Here are some examples of what I consider to be “stock” images that can be used over:


With this under the belt I wanted to add a chair in (the chair at image 1st is AMAZEBALLS), this really was to signify the might of Wolverine as he is a character that pretty much everyone knows !  Here is the result of that set up :


From this, I then wanted to change it completely and go for more of a location setup, so we headed down to the underground carpark where someone generously left us a nice cargo container as you can see !


I love the feel that these images have, something gritty about them.  It was great to be able to get a good contrast from the “stock” black images and I felt these turned out as I wanted them to !

We also did some images up on the rooftop though these were done with the thought of having a relevant skyline put in as the Miami one wasn’t up to scratch ! (images to follow)

We ended off (after 6 hours) on the Pool Table !!  Not so much the boys but the girls!  I wanted to create a sense of “Yeah, that so wouldn’t happen”, hence I came up with this:


So, there you have it, my first SuperHero/Cosplay shoot !  It would be great to hear your feedback, what you liked, what you didn’t like, how it can be improved, what character I should shoot next etc.

I’ll hopefully be hitting up MegaCon in Orlando in February ….. fancy shooting ?

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“Saving the World One Step at a Time” - Adam


He SNIKT’S so fast he’s a BLURRRRRR

Walking on the WILD SIDE ! OK well down the corridor to the roof !

Down & DIRTY


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