MegaCon 2012

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This was it, my first EVER convention to completely GEEK out at ! Orlando was the destination and MegaCon was the target, 3 days of Costumes, Photography & sights to behold ! & boy were there some sights ! All started off with a road trip with the lovely Alexia (who does an AMAZING Phoenix & Lady Deadpool), a quick stop to meet Logan (the best badass Wolverine there is) and then a few hours in the car !

Arrived at hotel, all sorted …. that was the base for the next few days !

On the thursday night Alexia and I popped down to the Convention Centre to meet up with the boys and girls at who we were helping throughout the convention. After sorting some tees out we headed over to TGI’s for a bite to eat and a wicked Jack & Cranberry ooooooooooo.

Friday was going to be a pretty busy day (though not as busy as saturday !!!). I was pretty much there as photographer, just hanging around taking snaps of cool outfits, the booth, pretty much anything that I thought was worthy.

You can see the whole 3 days gallery below :

MegaCon Images

I had also planned to join in a little as well and dress up as the AMAZING Dr Doom ….. which was said to be one of the best costumes people have seen. You can check images below of the good Dr !

Dr Doom

You can also check out the blog on SuperHeroStuff, giving you a vendor’s view on it :

A Vendor’s View of Megacon 2012

The saturday was BUSY !!! The SuperHeroStuff booth was manic which was ace and it seemed as though a lot of the best costumes came out to play on that day. So I was pretty much toggling between taking shots of everyone and wearing Doom. It was just a shame Mr Stan Lee didn’t get a chance to see me, I’m sure he would’ve approved !

Sunday was the slowest day of the three but that was to be expected. I got to wear Doom for longer on this day (takes a while to walk around !).

Hindsight is a beautiful thing, over the 3 days I came up with a lot of ideas that could be implemented for the next Con the SuperHeroStuff boys do. With that said, I am hoping to join them in Philly ! :)

Till the next time !

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