Marvel or DC – Who would I shoot for ?

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Well if someone actually did ask that question then it would be a tough one !! Both have amazing characters within their ranks and a lot of scope for some creative shizzle ! It would also depend on if you HAD to only side with just one, or could still be freelance to do the both. Where would your allegiance lay?

I like the vibe of DC, for me it is more dark and gritty (though I don’t know a lot compared to most when it comes to Marvel/DC!!) Marvel seems to revel more in the spandex though that maybe more old school. Though saying this, I could be completely wrong ! Take The Avengers for example, you could do some cool dark, gritty stuff with those boys and girls.

If I had to side with one right this moment, then I would bat for DC. But hey until they shine that big SuperHero Photography sign in the sky, I’ll stick to whatever I can get ! :)

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